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Welcome to Inanda


Run by Debra Hoyle for the last nine years Inanda has been run as a community centre, library and general gathering place, where folk from all spiritual paths can relax, learn, and enjoy good company.

For nearly a decade it has been the venue used by a variety of groups and people based in N.Ireland and been host to workshops, and talks, hand-fasting's, funerary rites, music nights and social nights.

"I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in spirituality, seeing my first vision at 6yrs old I would read whatever I could get my hands on about ghosts, spirits, banshees etc. Later finding that I come from a long family line with the gift of the sight.  In my late teens I started to look for others and eventually found my way to a lovely lady whom I adore and totally respect and love Sarah Redmond, my other mother,  she used to run a small shop in Smithfield in late 80's early 90's reading and teaching tarot.  I then found my way to North Street Arcade when Robert Henry first opened Labyrinth, and found myself with a great bunch, going on journeys South, and networking with others in Ireland, such as my old friends Joe & Una Mullally, who introduced me to some amazing folk, and of course my brother John Kerr who down through the years has always been there, first in the Gilford Moot then at some awesome gatherings at Vicarage Farm.  I've worked with a few covens over the last 25years and studied with OBOD and been lucky enough to attend the congregation of Irish Druids and work with Lucie and Christian Eva in the Danu Grove in Limavady.   I've run  a pagan moot in Arcadia Café, helped run public outdoor rites in the North and each year I can be found at Feile Draiocta in Dublin doing what I can to help Barbara Lee and Lora Moore make it the amazing event it is. For last ten years I have been interest in Thelema, working with OTOF now the Irish Order of Thelema  with whom  I currently work, based in Belfast, who have just recently opened a new temple there, and I also feel extremely privileged to work with an Alexandrian coven based in Dublin when I can get free from work and family.  For nearly 15yrs now I have been a member of a small research group, Logos, that looks at ancient sites, myths, legends, science behind spirituality and unusual occurrences in nature.  I've run a paranormal team for last 15years which has been a lot of fun and lead me to work with  some great folk, to many to name!. 

I've been lucky enough to enjoy residential courses with Dave Reitti, Marion Partridge, Betty Meyler,  and numerous workshops by folk like Emma Restall Orr, RJ Stewart, Adge the Druid to name a few.  I've even been found at the odd Oakleaf gathering in the North of England lol. I love meeting new folk, hearing ideas and thoughts, sharing stories, making new friends and connecting up with old ones.

I'm open to facilitating workshops in the library or advertising events, gatherings island wide.

I currently work part-time driving a taxi bus in Belfast, and doing extra work on films and tv series, and dream of being in the right head space to write more poetry, paint and finish writing my books, plays and short stories" I'm lucky enough that my hubby Chris has stood by my side for over 27yrs now and we are blessed in our gorgeous son Nicholas married to Jamie who gave us a wonderful grandchild Marcus, and we are currently proud foster parents to our great nephew little Ciaran.

At 47yrs I feel blessed in my family and friends and the path I've tread, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world than Ulster."


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